Robotics for Permaculture / Grow Bio-Intensive Agro-Forestry
We are interested in developing local sustainable and profitable farming businesses in our era of higher industrialization and robotics. We are looking for talented people to help us create a solution for one of America’s main farming problems, sustainability.
Problem Statement: How can we meet the dietary needs of local communities, through developing small scale, local organic sustainable farming business models. Which can compete economically, with it's industrial agriculture competitor in the future. While building local American economies?
The Goal: Create American manufactured low cost robotic farming tools, that brings cost reduction and improved production to urban and small scale organic farms, farms under 100 acres. Which can also enable the use of Grow Biointensive farming methods at commercial scale. 
How does this help? It can allow small organic local farms to use Grow Biointensive farming methods over large areas, increasing yield while lowering fertilizer inputs and water usage. It reduces low price laborer needs of farmers while creating higher skilled farm employment opportunities. It creates opportunities for American tech workers to have jobs in farming robotics. Each of these have multiplying effects in local economies and cascading advantages for sustainable farmers.
We need people with the following skills:
We are looking for team players and co-operative minded people to help us create the first low tech, low cost, highly capable, robotic farming platform for sustainable Grow Biointensive farming. People to take ownership of completing deliverables in the robot’s development, so we can complete V1 for testing and for pitching to manufacturers.
We need:
Mechanical design
Electrical design
Robotic coding
Hardware user interface development 
Structural engineering of components
Business development assistance
Manufacturing development
Continuous improvement development
Project management
What’s in it for you?
You can proudly take your place in history as someone who helped change American farming for the better. Someone who helped secure food for the country, someone who helped grow our economy. You can leverage your accomplishments to find quality work.
You can use what you know to develop 3rd party add ons for new features and functions to the robots you helped shape. And you can have fun working within the team, knowing that what your doing is valuable for others. We will provide written references for all participants who complete their deliverables on time, do a good job and work with integrity toward the team and project. 
What will happen with the design?
Once the robot is completed and tested successfully, we will find manufacturing partners who adhere to our values of building local American economies. To work with us co-operatively to manufacture and lease robots and services in the US market to small sustainable farms. We will retain design ownership and will work to create as many positions as we can in our worker owned co-op to continue to build and improve the robotic designs for future release, ensuring democratic control of business functions, so every worker has the ability and a say in improving their life through their work.
How to join:
Contact us to send a resume of your jobs, hobbies and experiences as well as a cover letter telling us about yourself and what types of things you would like to help with. Do not consider this a job interview, but communicate to us why it is important for you so that if your chosen for the project, we can do what we can to make it successful and meaningful for you. 
The Robot’s design:
Many things are important for creating the robot, but at the top of the list is simplicity and flexibility of tasks. It must be easily maintained and not prone to obsolescence in form or parts for longevity. It must be able to farm over tall plants without damaging them. It must not compact soil, so lightweight. It should be run by quiet electrical power for 24 hour use in urban environments. It should be able to perform common farm tasks that do not require intelligence of a person. It must be able to complete tasks by itself anywhere on the farm after it’s user has selected a task and pressed “GO”. 
These are the ideas we have used to develop our robotic spec. The complete spec will be provided to selected candidates under non compete, non disclosure agreements to protect the partners and companies involved, as well as to ensure our designs are used for their intended purpose as outlined in this document.