The Transformation Intuitive
A hybrid co-op corporation developing economies, using sustainable ecology design and manufacturing solutions which provides Worker Self Directed employee ownership. Serving their gifting, talents and vision for meaningful work and growing profitability.
In our first phase we hope to co-operatively create a demonstration working farm where others can start a business with us, for common goals. Which is ultimately creating pathways of methods to onboard the millions of acres of farmland in America into agro-forestry in various forms.
Permaculture and Grow-Biointensive farming are powerful ways to build eco systems, restore and conserve lands. But the tools and methods have not been developed to allow adoption of these methods at industry scale. Without such methods there is little chance America won’t eventually loose the battle of soil loss and water pollution that has lead all civilizations until now into desertification. Facts are facts, we can’t loose top soil and eco systems forever and keep producing food that keeps us alive.
The Problem We’re Tackling:
1. Make employees equal as owners,
Pioneer the transformation of business into shared capitol investment and common ownership, for a modern business era in America. Empower people to have greater control over their work life through democracy at work. Using horizontal democratic control instead of strict horizontal management.
2. Improved Employment & Ownership
Align peoples gifting, skills and personalities with the vision for their life and company to bring them greater joy and ROI. Return to the values of selflessness, sharing and community in the workplace.
3. Opportunities to flourish
Expand business influence through meaningful job and business creation, through developing and absorbing new business sectors. Offer growth opportunities with real capitol and wages for our owner employees.
4. Capitalism Reformed
We are capitalism reformed by fair and just payment for work out of common social agreement. Thus we believe and institute in our practices the principals of self regulation, selflessness and sharing of the produce of the business owners efforts. Resource management that naturally builds sustainable local employment into regional economies.
5. Worker Self Directed Enterprise + Co-op
New legal frameworks for business, the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws, which adhere to a blended model of Worker Self Directed Enterprise and Co-op, which function as a democracy in tiers.
How this is accomplished by the Transformation Initiative Corporation
A. Build a management team comprising following roles & skills:
Financial modeler analysts,
Marketing developer analysts,
Sales channel developer - analysts,
Economist - Risk Analysts ,
Product developer Lead,
Continuous Improvement Lead,
Banking - funding lead.
Legal Council
Many or most of these people will understand agricultural systems and farming as practitioners or enthusiasts.
B. Complete the development of the corporate Worker Self Directed Enterprise legal framework and product development tool set which allows us to rapid prototype a business and research it’s potential for success.
C. Develop core economic product roadmaps to begin economic transformation such as: Sustainable Grow-Biointensive / Permaculture food farming, Just in time local manufacturing of commodities, Creative business expansion into Long Tail Theory products, affordable home ownership, group services for owners and customers.
E. Launch Transformation Initiative through applicable partner funding and world wide social funding, and then duplicate these efforts continuously, hiring new people to take on new projects to expand globally.
We are not pioneering a completely new business method.
The place where we work can be a place of joy, where you are valued, where you are never considered disposable. A place where you have a say in your future and what happens to the company which has influences upon you and the community. We feel our company should be designed to be a place of future security. Where employees are freed from feeling like their job could end for any reason at anytime, because they have no say in it at all. That feeling is crippling our economy. And the right to work law’s, which offer no certainty of fair stable employment, have turned work into a semi-meaningless trajectory, where you never have an agreement of stability with the employer, or a growth path thats truly meaningful to you.
We cherish individual freedom, moral values, and the right to a wide marketplace of ideas which are the foundation of our societies founding. This necessitates that we should never be a company that enforces their political and social engineering values upon employees or customers. 
This method is used in co-ops around the world employing millions of people. We look to success stories like the Mondragon Corporation from Spain, who’s company is democratically lead and owned by the employees, a company with over 240,000 employees in many critical industrial segments. This model has worked for the employee for over six decades in modern terms, but has been useful since the beginning of time. It is also the only model of business that truly offers democracy at work, liberty and the ability of self direction in employment, which is the cornerstone of our personal sovereign rights.
We know that our talented employees , which are the key to accomplishing our goals, require quality pay at market rates. We believe in distributing resources more fairly which allows us to incentivize a culture that procures the best talent to grow our company. This model will also be instituted in our business development funding so that the created capitol from business we start in communities, is shared in the community and not hoarded by the new capital owners.  
As part of our guidelines of integrity, we hold to a position that all people within a business shall be adequately paid, that everyone in the company is valued equally, but some positions warrant a modest financial elevation over others because of effort put forth by individuals. We adhere to the morals that work effort and personal excellence shall be rewarded, but not in the sense of wealth entitlement as practiced by many societies, were the middle and lower classes are financially suppressed due to an unfair evaluation of their value and contribution.
Our long term goal is to be a model of teaching resource management in a way that naturally builds local into regional economies and encourages peace though local trade. For when people are engaged in free trade with their neighbors, they are, as we hope and believe, more likely to be forgiving and peaceful.
If we truly believe that cooperating with one another through democracy is the best way to ensure equality, liberty and happiness, then it should be practiced where you are impacted the most by other people, policy and capitol. Right where you work.  The WSDE (Worker Self Directed Enterprise) idea was coined by Richard Wolff at and shows the possibility.