Motivations for Employment Reform
There will always be billions of employees on Earth. It is the duty of a free, just and moral people to lift others out of oppression, to stabilize economies, to bring fairness, to uphold and lift up liberty and the intrinsic value of all people. We must perform these works and improvements in all aspects of life. We believe that such transformation begins within each individual and is inseparable from their life actions, including business, property ownership and financial security within the employment framework. We also recognize the world has unlimited opportunity and that should be shared with all who pursue it.
When pitching the ideas of improving employment, people often find initial resistance due to what is likely a cultural fear of harming capitalism. There seems to nearly always be a brief interpretation from the listener that we’re pushing toward government run socialism, which has nothing to do with our objectives or philosophies.
Which is why this paper is being published to outline our motivation for improving employment globally, through voluntary adjustment of sharing of authority and finances. One of the methods we champion is the Worker Self Directed Enterprise version of capitalism, which this essay is also about.
Motivation 1.
Of the philanthropic intentions of a Worker Self Directed Enterprise, we want to bring a voluntary democracy into business as the fundamental form of policy making and government. The democracy process would be far greater than what we experience for our local, state and federal government, or within a ESOP or COOP. In the standard model people only vote in their public servants, or business managers. In a Worker Self Directed Enterprise people can elect to vote on many things, although their is wisdom in some limits so that business is not a political process or unfocused by to many item up for voting decision. Generally voting should be bi annually, or quarterly and contain decisions that affect all workers, and then also voting within teams to make improvements to work process and improvements. Like; should the company out source jobs, or should it dissolve, worker hiring, or lowering benefits. Where should the company shift focus. Or at the team level we would see many kinds of decisions from teams the size of small companies to small teams of under ten people. Democracy should be used whenever there is a impact on company performance or an employees life, since the employees are owners and have capitol in the business. They deserve the right to vote on decisions that affect their capitol and futures.
So going back to motivations, the first motivation is obvious;
We want people to have control over their lives, not business managers.
Motivation 2 is also easily understood. Under our constitutional statements about our inherent personal sovereign rights, we intrinsically hold the right to direct decisions (which includes voting) that affect our lives and futures, including our capitol and work conditions. Sovereignly it applies to social government, it also applies to business government as part of being human. Because you do not loose your humanity simply for trading labor for earnings and allowing someone to manage the process of your work. We must maintain our rights to pursue liberty, life and happiness in all conditions of our life, otherwise we’re living under two moral and government systems which are in opposition to one another. So Motivation 2 is to reform employment and thus social life to a singular moral and government system which is based on the sovereignly real constitutionally declared rights.
Motivation 3 comes from our understanding of human value from biblical principals, which are the foundations of many of the moral and legal codes. Because we know that everyone is inherently equal, that we are equally important to God and by that extension to us. Being created descendants of God, everyone can be viewed as royalty deserving honor and respect. What moral honor, respect, kindness, care, protection and consideration of every sort should we be manifesting toward our employees? And within the Worker Self Directed Enterprise model, toward each other? In that context Motivation 3 is to bring God’s perspective of human value to the forefront in decision making about peoples lives within employment. This is possible for religious and non-religious people to view one another with such high regard.
Motivation 4 involves adopting corporate law or frameworks within articles and bylaws of business to be mindful of peoples rights to pursue happiness, liberty and freedom. There is only one way to do this, simply by acknowledging these rights and adopting process for people to manage how their company work affects their life, while still maintaining the necessary mandate of profit and sustainability.
Motivation 5 regards stabilizing society through the mechanism of stabilizing employment through adoption of policy that focus on restitution, education, training and human development instead of easy employment termination. Workers and society need stabilization for relationships and community to be able to develop. There are no arguments or positions that would ever be widely accepted to show unstable communities and societies are better than stable ones. Most all democratic governments throughout history have always sought civil stabilization globally and regionally, because it produces the most abundance and happiness in lives as well as what many consider progress.
When employees are repeatedly subjected to unfair employment practice and constantly unaware if and when their employment could end and again experience the hardships with uncertain living. When they are unfairly or harshly controlled or given impossible conditions of employment, or belittled and manipulated, there is failure. With that repeated cycle of abuse, a dystopian fear with anxiety, debt, extremist competition, and dog eat dog - anything goes mindsets begin to dominate culture. Which is the state of America today. People begin to loose hope due to the continuous struggle to eventually get ahead or pay the bills.
So within Motivation 5, employees should know they have many chances to resolve major and minor mistakes and inappropriate actions. This is a Christian principal, that we should seek to restore others, offer forgiveness, work toward the good of others and to love others as yourself.
Motivation 5 can be achieved by employee owners who within a Worker Self Directed Enterprise are deciding how to restore others when problems occur and voluntarily choosing to maintain a commitment to others welfare.
Such stabling forces would reduce corporate turn over and losses, while deepening talent, create longer lasting relationships and thus community. Without the stress of overhanging fear of uncertain employment, people become more creative, more socially engaged. Less capitol is lost to unemployment's destabilization. Families grow stronger and more financially secure with stability. The improvement to life is immeasurable, which will have cascading effects far into humanities future.
Motivation 6, the Kingdom mandate of establishing Gods character within us applies to all human actions, including employment and capitol distribution. God does not withhold from us, obscure, nor manipulate our ability to develop and own resources. Our ability to earn what we need. The withholding we experience is a system of a failed branch of capitalism and other government and economic forms. Which leverage employees labor value into more money and security for a top layer of owners and managers. Thus creating the pool of 80 or so people who control 50% of earths wealth. And on regional levels creates huge divides in financial security between ultra wealthy and low wage earners. Exploiting others labor to become rich is not morally consistent with Gods Biblically documented character, or the moral arguments for ending slavery, or of equality, it is simply unjust. We are not to withhold the rightful earnings and value of one’s labor.
Motivation 6 can be developed within a WSDE to have more equalized pay scales because inherently we understand that every member is necessary for success, yet every member position is refillable, including the executive branch or management. So no one is overvalued or undervalued. Employees should expect a fairly level pay scale, yet working with market constraints.
Motivation 7, removing kings from controlling society. The current corruption of controlled markets mislabeled as free markets has not only moved 50% of the worlds capitol into the hands of 80+ people, but also the political control. As billionaires design corporate structure to provide them king like status and power, they give themselves the financial power to manipulate government, and the corporate legal powers to protect their will and actions from correction. They pay to have law created that benefits them over everyone else. Known as power corrupting government, it is the state of American government today.
This type of power is none other than the same power as what we formerly tried to remove from Earth. The social power of control from the few over the many. Worker Self Directed Enterprise can solve this problem by preventing concentrated wealth and power from existing. And also by the equalizing of financial and decision making power across many people. Companies with the WSDE structure by their nature promote policy of non-control, and decentralized wealth. The wealth is controlled by the company, not executives that run the company. And because the company is every employee run by vote, it is nearly impossible to create conditions where the employees vote harm unto themselves. Be economic, social or personal harm.
These motivations are more than enough to show why and how American and hopefully global employment should ultimately be reformed. And even within businesses that are now formed under WSDE articles should for their own profitability and sustainability and growth, adopt policy that honors the value of employees.